I'm so glad that you stopped by! My name is Jessica and I am a natural light photographer based out of Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area. I love capturing ordinary moments  and turning them into memories in your busy lives. Photography is a passion of mine, but more specifically photographing families. I love seeing families grow through each stage of their life while capturing memories of it all. From couples, pregnancy, to bringing a new baby home and everything in-between as life carries on.

Photography for me is more than just pictures. They are about memories. Memories that take me back to moments in time that have gotten just a little fuzzy over the years. Memories that take me back to people and places. 

When someone you love leaves you, you instantly turn to pictures to remember them because you don't want to forget them. You don't want to forget their smile, their laugh, their face, their memory!

Family photos don't "just happen" you have to "make them happen"! 

Don't miss a memory because it was never captured.
I want your memories to be captured and never forgotten!

Taking family photos should never be something that you dread. They should be fun and happy all while you are making memories with the ones you love most!

I am located in the Denver, Colorado area.  
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(May 2018)
These two little girls sure are the cutest! My little blonde and my little redhead! 

(May 2018)
I loved taking pictures of this new little cutie! She as the perfect little model with the most beautiful features. 
(April 2018)
With a little bit of bribery we got the sweetest maternity photos with our little toddler. She just wanted to run around and play with Uncle Derek the whole time.

Thomas Newborn
(February 2018)
This sweet little babe was so perfect for her newborn shoot!

Thomas Maternity
(February 2018)
This beautiful mamma is about to welcome she second daughter into this world.

Half Birthday's
(January 2018)
So big and so happy and so full of energy! 

Flint Family Photos
(August 2017)
It's that time of year again. Family photos with my loves!

(July 2017)
This little beauty turned two! She has so many expressions and is so entertaining. I had so much fun taking Averi's two year birthday photos! And they turned out SO cute! I couldn't not be happier with them. We went to our favorite location and played outside with a few photos in-between! She loved being able to take pictures with Nemo and Dory.
(July 2017)
We had a fun little red, white and blue shoot to bring in the fourth of July! Averi loved seeing all of the flags around our neighborhood the last few weeks. She loved all the booms from the fireworks and sparkles that went along with this holiday.

Giles Family
(June 2017)
This little family is just the cutest! Busy little boy wanted to play with all the rocks and dirt. And the sweet little girl loved looking at everything outside. Thanks for letting me take your beautiful family photos. 

(April 2017)
This little cutie pie was the so much fun to take pictures of. Those cheeks and rolls on her tiny little body are my favorite. She is absolutely adorable. 

Family Easter Photos
(April 2017)
Taking family photos with a tripod is the hardest! Especially with an active toddler who doesn't want to sit still.

Sleeth Newborn
(January 2017)
You guys this was such a fun photo shoot! Baby B is just so perfect with his tiny hands, toes, lips, nose, mouth and ears. I can't believe my little one use to be that little. 
This was such a fun experience and I definitely want to do more newborn photos.

Sleeth Maternity
(December 2016)
I had the chance to take this beautiful mamma's maternity photos.  These two are a gorgeous couple! I can't wait to meet their handsome little guy. 

Caron Family
(October 2016)
What a perfect day to take pictures with this beautiful family! Such a happy boy who just wanted to explore the rocks, dirt and leaves with his little friend Averi. I love seeing our two cuties play together!

Tovmosyan Family
(September 2016)
Here are some of my favorites from the Tovmasyan family! I loved taking pictures for this wonderful family! Their boys were so full of energy. Can I just say I loved the colors they chose for their family photos. They were perfect. What a beautiful family!

Flint Family
(August 2016)

Averi was not interested in taking pictures! She wanted to go explore the new area we were in. We were racing against the clock because a huge storm was brewing and heading our way. Even with Averi being crazy I loved the way they turned out!

Flint Maternity
(July 2015)

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