Monday, May 21, 2018

Big Sister Little Sister Photos

When I was pregnant with Averi she would always talk about baby sister and when she was going to come out! She wanted to see her so bad. She would talk about how she would tickle baby sister and how sister would then laugh at her for doing that. She would help mommy get baby sisters things ready and was even protective of her when grandpa would call her "baby oh-go". A name only Averi could call sister. 

When Averi came to the hospital to meet Brinley for the first time she was so excited! I have never seen her so excited about something before! She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time she was there. She just wanted to look at baby sister, hold her and tickle her too. 

Averi has been such a good big sister! Averi loves Brinley so much! We sure love our girls so much!

XOXO ~ The Flints

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Brinley Flint Newborn

This was such a fun photoshoot to do on my own daughter. Grandma helped with the photoshoot and it was great getting to spend time together. 

Miss Brinley was an excellent model the whole photoshoot. She was so happy and sleepy and even gave us a few sleepy smiles.

Her strawberry blonde hair is one of my favorite features on her. I also love her hairy little ears, cheeks and back. She has the cutest little button nose and the fullest baby lips.

We sure love you baby girl!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Flint Maternity 2018

We finally got around to taking maternity photos at 37 weeks pregnant. My brother was in town and he is always our backup photographer when I can't do it or need photos of all 3 of us together. He takes the photos of all three of us together. Then either him or Steve take the photos of me and I take the photos of Steve and Averi. It is a group effort when we do our photos. Haha. Then I go home and edit them all. 

We found a beautiful new location with white cherry blossoms in the Denver Tech Center. I loved my dress from Wren & Ivory! It is such a soft material and I absolutely loved the shade of purple that it came in. And the best part is that it was only $38.00! Averi's dress is from Old Navy and I loved how our dresses complemented each others. Daddy of course is always super easy to dress because he has lots of colored shirts. 

Averi is so excited to be a big sister and just wants baby sister to get here. She wants to help feed baby sister and give her a binky when she cries. She is going to be so helpful. 

The Flints ~ XOXO

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