Monday, July 30, 2018

Brinley Rae's Blessing Day

Brinley was blessed on
Saturday July, 28th 2018
in the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
by her daddy. 

It was such a special weekend with family coming in for Averi's 3rd birthday and Brinley's blessing day. It was so nice to have a small blessing for Brinley with our closest family and friends. We wanted to keep it small so that it was more intimate and personal. 

We wanted Brinley to have her own blessing dress that she could pass down some day. I found the perfect white lace dress from a shop on Easy called Boutique On The Cheap for $29.99! I loved the dress so much and it was a perfect dress for a baby blessing. 
"With the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ we take this infant in our arms and give her a name and a blessing, and the name she shall be known on the records of the church is Brinley Rae Flint. Brinley at this time we wish to give you a blessing. We wish to bless you with all the things that your Father in Heaven would want you to be blessed with. Brinley you have been such a joy to your family so far. We bless you to continue to be a joy and a light to all those around you. We bless you that as you continue to grow, and you and your sister Averi, will be very close and you two will develop a deep friendship. We bless that you two will look to each other for counsel, for comfort and to be there for one another in times of crisis. Brinley we bless you that as you grow you will be wise and make good decisions and that you will learn to rely on your Father in Heaven to guide you through His Holy Spirt. Brinley we bless you that you will turn to your Father in Heaven. You have parents that love you very much but also know that you have a Father in Heaven that loves you more than you can imagine and is always looking after you. Brinley know that you have guardian angles as well, unseen angels who are there beside you to lead you and guide you throughout life. Brinley never forget the atonement of Jesus Christ. Know that Jesus Christ atonement was for you personally and individually that he took upon himself your pains and afflictions,  your sins, your sorrows so that you could turn to him and find relief. We bless you that you'll remember that in times of trial. Brinley we bless you that you will grow and develop into a beautiful woman and one day you will form an eternal family and have children of your own. We bless you that you will continue to spread joy to all those around you. And we leave all these blessings with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Brinley looked so beautiful in her dress and her dark red hair. She was nice and quite during the blessing, except for right at the end she wanted to talk and started cooing at daddy. 

Grandma and grandpa, Uncle Derek, Aunt Pat, Uncle Brigham and Chris, Dilma and Audrey attended her blessing. 

XOXO ~ The Flints

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