Friday, October 30, 2015

Babies in Pumpkins

I love this festive time of year because of all the photo opportunities. Halloween will be Averi's first holiday! Lucky for her, it is mommy's favorite time of year and favorite holiday. She gets to dress up in cute Halloween outfits and gets to sit in big pumpkins. 

I cut the pumpkin and got it all ready last night while daddy and Averi went to bed early. 

Daddy tried putting Averi in the pumpkin but her chubby little legs wouldn't fit through the two leg holes that were cut out.

So we had to cut the two holes into one large hole so that we could fit her in there nicely. Once we finally got her in the pumpkin she wouldn't look at the camera because she was distracted by the t.v.

Once we turned off the t.v. her attention was all ours... for just a little bit.

babies in pumpkin, babies, pumpkins, fall decorations

babies in pumpkins, babies, pumpkins, fall decorations

Miss Averi soon got tired of sitting in the big pumpkin. She wanted OUT! I secretly love, love, LOVE the ones of her crying!!

The Flints ~ XOXO

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guess Who's 3 Months Old...

Little miss Averi Jayne turned 3 months old on October 27, 2015. Some things that she loves doing right now are:

* Sitting up and standing like a big girl while being held
* Putting her fingers in her mouth. All. The. Time! She puts her fingers so far in her mouth that she gags herself on a daily basis.
* Blowing spit bubbles constantly 
* Starting to reach for her favorite giraffe toy
* Gets distracted while she is eating and makes the milk go all over us
* Smiles all the time for mommy and daddy
* LOVES bath time!
* Only wakes up once a night (most nights)
* She loves when mommy holds her...she is fighting with daddy right now and doesn't always like going to him. 
* She loves talking to mommy and daddy

The Flints ~ XOXO

Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Beautiful Family

We finally took family photos and I LOVE them! We usually just use the tripod and the clicker but I wanted real picture from a real photographer. I have always wanted my family pictures to turn out like pinterest pictures. They are always look so perfect and beautiful on there. I love the tall grass and dry weed look. Well, Katie Constandse captured exactly what I wanted.  There is no way that I can just choose one! They are all too great. I will try and contain myself...

Here is a link to all of the photos online: Flint Family Fall Session
Here is Katie Constandse's Facebook Page. Enjoy!!

The Flints ~ XOXO

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