The Flints

Family Timeline

Big Sister Little Sister Photos
(May 2018)
After Brinley was born we took some big sister little sister photos of the two. They are pretty adorable!

Brinley's Newborn Photos
(May 2018)
I loved taking this little ones photos! And I absolutely loved how they turned out!

Big Sister
(November 2017)
Averi is going to be a BIG SISTER and she is so excited about it.

Flint Family Photos
(August 2018)
My sweet little family!

Averi's 2nd Birthday & 2 Year Photos
(July 2017)
Averi had a Dory and Nemo themed birthday party that she loved! She loved having a party with all her friends and all the attention on her. 

Her two year birthday photos are absolutely adorable as well.

Averi Turns 1!
(July 2016)
Averi's first birthday party! I can't believe my baby is already one! We had a great first birthday party with close friends and family. 
Averi's first year month-by-month. I am so glad that I took monthly photos of her. I will always cherish them. I also am glad that I wrote down the things she was doing each month as well. 

Avery's Birth Story
(July 2015)
Averi is born!

How We Met
(September 2006 - December 2010)
Jessica and Steve meet, date and get married!

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