Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sleeth Family 2017

I first met this adorable family on a freezing day of only 22 degrees back in 2016. They were just weeks away from meeting their cute little guy. I could tell they were going to be great parents. 

I then met baby B for some newborn photos and got to see what great parents Kylie and Cory were. Man, was baby B a little cutie and he had the smoothest newborn skin ever.

This year I was so excited to see them again and see how big baby B has gotten. You guys!! He is so freaking adorable!! I can not get over how stinking cute he is! 

I loved shooting this family! They were so fun and baby B gave me some of the best smiles. They are such a fun and cute couple and they sure made an adorable baby.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Big Sister Coming . . .

Over Thanksgiving break we announced to my family that Averi is going to soon be a BIG SISTER. She has slowly been understanding more and more what that means. We also told her from the very beginning that mommy has a baby in her tummy and on more than one occasion she has almost spilled the beans to grandpa on FaceTime. 

We had planned that when we got to my parents house we would have Averi in a "BIG SISTER" shirt and would see how long it would take for grandma and grandpa to see it. 

Grandpa didn't really notice and it took grandma about five minutes.

The next day we told little Johnny and Elizabeth the news. We had Johnny take our announcement photos and he did an amazing job!

We also told everybody that we were going to find out the gender Thanksgiving morning. We had the gender in an envelope that we entrusted with little Johnny and Elizabeth. We gave them two powder cannons in pink and two powder cannons in blue that we got from Walmart. They needed to wrap the cannons so we couldn't see the color and then we were going to shoot them off later in the week. 

Thanksgiving morning we had close friends and family come over for the reveal. We had them tie either pink or blue ribbon around their wrists for their vote of either a boy or a girl. The people who voted for girl was Joe, Johnny and Grandpa. Mommy, Daddy and Averi all voted girl as well. The people who voted for boy was Derek, Lizy, Jake, Pat, Grandma and Elizabeth. 

We set up our cameras and shot off the powder cannons.

Baby Flint #2 is going to be a . . . 


Averi wasn't too sure what was going on with all the pink smoke. But she always said mommy had a baby girl in her tummy. So she was happy that it was still a girl. 

The Flints ~ XOXO

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thing 1, Thing 2 and Cat in the Hat

It's my favorite time of year again! I think it is safe to say it might be Averi's favorite time of year too. Halloween was so fun this year with this little cat in the hat. She loved dressing up and having her face painted like a kitty cat and she loved eating all of the candy she could. 

We started off our holiday fun with going to our ward Halloween party. Averi had fun looking at all of the costumes but really loved the blow up dinosaurs!! She chased them around the whole evening. The dinosaurs was all that she could talk about.
We had a trunk or treat in our church parking lot but I wasn't able to get any pictures because it was too dark this year. She loved it though. She wanted to put all of the candy people were giving her in her bucket herself. 

On Halloween night we went trick or treating with cousin Greyson and Great Mother and Great Grandpa. Both kids would knock on the doors and wait for someone to come. It was pretty cute. Averi's favorite part of the night was getting a snowman Beanie Baby from one of the houses. She calls it Mr. Olaf. 

The Flints ~ XOXO

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