Sunday, February 28, 2016

Miss Averi ~ 7 Months Old

On Saturday my baby turned 7 months old!! She has been getting into everything! She loves crawling, standing and sitting up like a big girl. She hates being on her back. She loves her pureed baby food. Her favorite toys this month are water bottles and mommy's computer. Averi loves when grandma and grandpa come to visit! Grandpa always gets her to laugh when he Facetimes with her. Grandma loves cuddling with her. She loves playing with daddy and teasing him. She is getting so big!

 Weight: 18 lb 4oz 

(More photos of our 7 month photo shoot at the bottom)
7 Months Old
•Averi loves smiling at anybody that looks at her • She is really crawling all over the house • She tries crawling up the stairs • Averi is pulling herself up onto everything • She loves standing while holding onto things • Averi has gained more balance and can sit all by herself without faceplanting it •  She LOVES carrots, spaghetting and butternut squash • She HATES her green veggies • She loves meal time • She says da daa da da da • Her favorite toy is plastic water bottles • Averi loves bath time  Daddy can get her happy and hyper • She has two teeth 
6 Months Old
•Averi still smiles all the time • She is starting to giggle more and more  Averi is crawling all over the house • She loves taking her toys and hitting them on the hardwood floor • Averi likes slapping things with her hands to feel things • She likes spitting up on the ground and playing in it before mommy can clean it up • Her two bottom teeth are coming in • Averi is sitting up all by herself • Her favorite toy is the diaper wipes packaging • She loves FaceTiming with grandpa, grandma, and Derek • Averi loves playing with mommy's water bottle 
5 Months Old
• Averi smiles all the time • She giggles a lot • Everything goes into her mouth • She loves chewing on her feet, toes, hands, fingers • The military jets that fly over our house always wake her up from her naps • Averi got her ears pierced • She loves sitting up like a big girl • We think she is teething but there are still no teeth  
4 Months Old
• Averi was blessed this month • She got her first cold • She is really starting to play with her toes • Averi loves loves loves bath time • She really started laughing and giggling • Averi is starting to reach for everything • She is putting everything in her mouth • We still think she is teething but there are still no teeth  She is still rolling over only on her left side • Averi sleeps through the night most of the time...except when she is gassy • She scoots forward on her belly • 4 months was my favorite month •
3 Months Old
• Averi rolled from her back to her belly on her left side • She found her toes and holds them • She loves tummy time • She loves sitting up like a big girl and looking around • Averi went on her first vacation to grandma and grandpas house • She loves talking all the time • She loves playing during eating time • Her hair is getting longer • Averi is sleeping through the night  We think she is teething but there are still no teeth  Averi had her first Thanksgiving •
2 Months Old
• Averi started smiling this month • She is making all kinds of sounds • Her favorite sound is a "clicking" sound • She loves blowing bubbles • She loves bath time • Averi loves being outside • She has rubbed a bald spot on the back of her head • She won't take the bottle anymore • She is also fighting with daddy and won't let him hold her • Miss Averi has been sleeping through the night for the most part  She loves talking to mom and dad •
1 Month Old
• Averi holds her head up really well • she is following people and objects with her eyes • Averi wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat • she always has her hands up by her face • her belly button got a bacterial infection • she loves being held all the time •

7 Month Photos

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Genres & Generations

I know I already posted all of these photos to Facebook but I couldn't help it. It was just too much fun.

Saturday night our church had a stake dance! Each ward was given a certain decade and they had to come up with one dance to do for that generation. Our ward was assigned the 80s! So naturally it was decided that we would do a choreographed dance to Thriller.

I have to admit in the beginning I wasn't too sure the dance was going to be that great. How were we going to get 20+ people to memorize Triller by Michael Jackson. The first time I went to practice I still wasn't sure but after seeing the practice videos it seemed more doable.   

Since our decade was the 80s and our song was Thriller our ward decided to dress in 80s outfits with zombie makeup. One of the ladies in our ward does wonderful zombie makeup. She had a few helpers and they did all the makeup for those who were participating in the Thriller dance. It turned out amazing! All of our faces looked so good!

When it was our turn to dance we were all so excited. 
We pretty much rocked it! 
Our ward took home the 1st place trophy! Winners!!

This was one of the funnest church activities that I have ever been to. There was dancing and loud music, cute drinks, yummy finger foods, and great company!

Steve even danced with me... ;)

If you want to know more about the 
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If you are looking for a church to attend you are always welcome at the LDS church. 

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cheers Vox Box

I received my first Vox Box! I was so excited to see what was in my box. It came with lots of goodies! 

This particular review is going to be on Way Better Snacks.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the bag was how few of chips were in there. I really couldn't believe it!! The bag is so full of air it makes you think you are getting a full bag of chips. That is definitely NOT the case.
This is the picture I took right after opening the bag of Way Better Snacks chips. There are hardly any chips in there. The below picture shows how many chips are actually in the bag. My thumb is how full this bag was.

I was a little hesitant to try these chips because of the chili on the front. I just assumed that they were going to be super spicy. But they weren't. In no way were they spicy. They had a wonderful flavor!! I also really liked the thickness of the chips. They had a great texture and weren't super thin. The chips flavor and thickness were really really good. I enjoyed the taste.

** I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes**

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