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Bahamas Vacation: Day 3 // Coco Cay Bahamas

// Tuesday //
The first island that we stopped at on our cruise was Coco Cay. This is a really small island that is owned by the cruise line. There is no port on this island so we had to take a ferry to get to the island. It was really cool looking back at the ship when we got to the island.

Fun fact about Coco Cay. The workers actually live on the island for 4 weeks at a time and then they get 1 week off to travel where ever home is. I thought that was crazy because it is such a small island with no stores or anything of the like. We met this one lady who has worked and lived on the island for 17 years!! She considered this tiny island home. 

The first thing we did when we got off the ferry was walked the whole island. We wanted to find the best beach to set up camp. The water was so crystal clear and the sand was really white. The water was also really shallow. We were able to walk at least 1/2 a mile out and the water was still below our calfs.

This island was perfect and our favorite stop on the cruise. The water was the clearest I have ever seen. As we walked in the water I found the most beautiful conch shell. It was huge. They were selling them on the island for $20.00! Of course we took it even though they discouraged us because there "could be life living in that shell." The picture below was not the shell we took. The shell we took definitely didn't have anything living in it.

As it became low tide the beach and the water looked completely different. It looked more brown because all of the seaweed was now visible. We also found even more conch shells at this time. They were all over the place. All of the other shells that we found had a living conch in it. They are really weird looking creatures. 

Steve obviously doesn't know how to put on sunscreen because he got fried! His arms, legs, top of his feet, face and back. The pictures don't do the burn justice. He clearly doesn't know how to apply it to other people either because the only spot I got burt was my back and that's where he attempted to put sunscreen on me. 
When we got back on the boat we got ready for dinner because it was formal night on the cruise. I loved being able to dress up in a fancy dress. This dress was actually my favorite dress that I wore during prom my junior with Joe Reimers. 

The food on the ship was amazing! Every single night we got a 3 course meal. First we got an appetizer, the the main course and of course dessert. I think secretly Steve's favorite part of the whole cruise was all the yummy FREE food. 

After dinner we went to a musical. Here's a little secret about Steve, he loves musicals and broadway shows. 

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The Flints ~ XOXO

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