Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Top 6 Commercials

For me the best part of the super bowl is the commercials!! There are some really entertaining ones, so cute ones, and some really stupid ones. 

The fly over at the Super Bowl opening was so wonderful. It was so patriotic that it gave me goose bumps. I'm proud to be an American!

I really liked that this year the Super Bowl was promoting responsible drinking with commercials about not drinking and driving. I also liked the promoting of not being distracted while driving with texting. I really like how Colgate promoted saving water. Just because we have the access to let it run freely doesn't mean we have to. Lots of other countries don't have the option. 

As for Lady Gaga I personally think they could have gotten somebody better. I didn't like her version of the Nation Anthem at all. Plus she looked like she as going to film a scene of the Hunger Games after the song.
The half time show wasn't the best. I personally didn't care for it too much and I hated the political statement Beyonce was trying to make. Shame on her for causing more division and racism in America. Maybe all cops should boycott her next time she needs their help. 

But the game and the commercials were good.

These are my top six Super Bowl 50 commercials!

1. Crash the Super Bowl
I have seen this Doritos commercial for a couple of weeks now and think it is so funny. I love that the dad is teasing the baby with  Doritos.

2. Hyundai Genesis

I think Kevin Hart is hilarious! He is such a little guy but is so funny.

3. Be Bolder Than Bold
This Butterfinger commercial was so stupid it was funny. At first I was like WTH! But then it really grew on me.

4. Super Bowl Babies
I loved the Super Bowl Babies commercial. I thought it was so cute! I also liked seeing all of the generations. Super Bowl babies are born November(ish). So being the nerd Steve is, he looked up the Super Bowl winner for 1988! STEVE IS A SUPER BOWL BABY!! Just a fun little fact for you.

5. The Longest Chase
I loved this commercial! I thought it was so good. I loved that a little Pruis, which definitely has its stereotypes, was out running tons of cops.

6. Wiener Stampede

This commercial was just cute and lighthearted. It made me feel all good inside, even thought the little wiener dogs were going to be eaten. Lol. It was super cute. 

Averi's first Super Bowl!

The Flints ~ XOXO

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