Tuesday, February 16, 2016

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Review

Before becoming a mom I loved my purses! Yes purses, I had a lot! I was going to be trading in my purse for a diaper bag. I knew I wanted something cute and comfortable and something that could fit all of my stuff! After all I was going to be carrying it around everywhere I went. 
There are so many types of diaper bags out there. I was super overwhelmed with how many different ones there were and if I was picking the right one. Plus diaper bags are expensive and I didn't want to be buying a new one every six months because of pieces breaking on them (for some reason I am really hard on straps). I am going to tell you all of the reasons why I love my satchel and hopefully you will love it too!
Style was really important to me. I love the classic black and gold look. I think the two colors together look very stylish. I also love that the pattern is simple and very subtle. I'm not a fan of the big flashy designs that you see on some bags. This satchel has a very clean and classy look. Because of the classic black look it goes pretty much with any outfit color and it doesn't scream diaper bag! This bag also has decretive, yet usable pockets in the front. It has two tall pockets on the front and the back where the tote handles attach as well as two little zipper pockets. There are two deep side pockets on the ends of this satchel. They are perfect for bottles or sippy cups. 
This satchel is very sturdy. The outside is laminated canvas material and the inside is polyester material. It doesn't absorb spills and can easily be wiped clean.

Another thing that I love about this bag is the bottom of it has five metal feet for the bag to rest on the ground. Even though the bag material is very sturdy the metal feet on the bottom will only protect and keep it looking better longer. 
This JJ Cole Satchel holds everything I need. I love that it has four compartments inside the bag to help with organization. I can carry my changing clutch, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, bottles, formula, burp cloths, wallet, cell phone, keys, and everything else that I carry. 

This bag comes with a small flexible changing pad. I decided I wanted one that would match my satchel so I bought this changing clutch and love it. I love the size of it and I love that I can fit about 4 diapers and a pack of wipes in the inside pockets. The outside of this changing clutch is the same material as the outside of the diaper bag. The inside of it is wipeable and super easy to clean.
 The first pocket is where the wipes are. The second pocket is where I keep about 3-4 diapers. It is just on the other side of the wipes. 
I love that this satchel comes with 3 different carrying options. My favorite way to carry it is by using the tote straps. I love the tote option because they are long enough that they aren't right under my armpit and in my way. It feels like a purse to me. You can also use the shoulder strap. I also like this because you can use the shoulder strap two ways. You can either have it over your shoulder or you can wear it across your body. The third option is to use the no-slip stroller straps. Mine were included with my bag. I didn't even know what these were before I bought this bag. They hold your diaper bag onto your stroller so that you don't have to carry your bag the whole time. It is wonderful! It is hard to smash your bag into the stroller basket. Mine never fits in it and when it does it is so inconvenient to get into. The strap attachments just clip onto your stroller. It is so easy to get in and out of your bag when you need to. 

Tote straps:
Shoulder strap:
Shoulder strap across body:
Stroller straps:

This particular bag comes in 5 different colors. If you are the kind of person who likes brighter colors and bolder designs go check out the JJ Cole Collections and get your perfect satchel. If the satchel bag isn't your favorite style, JJ Cole has 7 different styles of diaper bag collections. I can only assume that the other styles are made just as well as this one.

The Flints ~ XOXO

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