Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Genres & Generations

I know I already posted all of these photos to Facebook but I couldn't help it. It was just too much fun.

Saturday night our church had a stake dance! Each ward was given a certain decade and they had to come up with one dance to do for that generation. Our ward was assigned the 80s! So naturally it was decided that we would do a choreographed dance to Thriller.

I have to admit in the beginning I wasn't too sure the dance was going to be that great. How were we going to get 20+ people to memorize Triller by Michael Jackson. The first time I went to practice I still wasn't sure but after seeing the practice videos it seemed more doable.   

Since our decade was the 80s and our song was Thriller our ward decided to dress in 80s outfits with zombie makeup. One of the ladies in our ward does wonderful zombie makeup. She had a few helpers and they did all the makeup for those who were participating in the Thriller dance. It turned out amazing! All of our faces looked so good!

When it was our turn to dance we were all so excited. 
We pretty much rocked it! 
Our ward took home the 1st place trophy! Winners!!

This was one of the funnest church activities that I have ever been to. There was dancing and loud music, cute drinks, yummy finger foods, and great company!

Steve even danced with me... ;)

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