Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Bachelor: My Top 4 Picks

I have always ben a bachelor fan. My favorite bachelor so far has ben Sean Lowe! He is such a stud! His whole season I was rooting for Catherine! I really liked Sean and her together. They are my favorite bachelor couple of all time! I can't wait until they have babies!!
 I love that Ben Higgins is the 2016 bachelor. He is probably my second favorite bachelor of all time. After last nights episode (episode 3) I have finally chosen my top 4 picks for this season.

Becca Tilley
Becca is 26 years old and works as a chiropractor assistant. She is from San Diego, California. I really like Becca and I think she will be in the top 4 with Ben. I like that she has morals and is down to earth. Becca is a little more shy and reserved but I could see her and Ben together in the end. 

Lauren Bushnell 
Lauren is 25 years old and works as a flight attendant. She lives in Las Angeles California. I also really like Lauren and could see her and Ben together. She seems normal and not crazy yet has a fun side to her. She is more out going then Becca. I think she is the "type of girl" that Ben is into.

 Jubilee Sharpe
Jubliee is 24 years old and was in the Army for 4 1/2 years. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jubilee is probably one of my favorites rights now. I love that she is a strong outspoken woman. I love that she doesn't put up with crap from people yet she isn't in everybody's face. She is a little more reserved and shy. I think Ben really likes her at this point. Even though I really like Jubilee I don't really see her and Ben being the perfect match. I just don't see them together. Maybe she will be the next bachelorette!! 

Olivia Caridi
Olivia is 23 years old and is currently living in Virginia. She works as a news reporter. Olivia received the first impression rose. I really liked her the first episode...she seemed normal. I now can't stand her. She is rude, crazy, loud, has a HUGE mouth, and did I mention CRAZY!! I really hope for Ben's sake that he does not pick her. My love for the bachelor may die a little if she is chosen.

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