Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Baby's First Christmas 2015

I'm finally  getting our first Christmas up on the blog! Steve and I have been married for five years! Ever since we have been married we have gone back to to my family for Christmas break. This year we aren't students anymore so we didn't get a Christmas break. Instead of going back to my family we decided to stay in our home and have our first Christmas with just the three of us. 


Averi loved the Christmas tree and all of the shiny lights. But most of all she loved all of the crackly wrapping paper. She would open 3 or so presents and play with the paper and then be completely worn out. Opening presents is a lot of excitement and work for a five month old. She took lots of naps and even cuddled with daddy.


We sent out our first family Christmas card! I really loved making it and choosing all of the pictures of our little family. 

The Flint's ~ XOXO

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