Friday, January 1, 2016

A Look Back at 2015

12 Weeks
Baby Averi...
18 Weeks
Finding out we were having a girl!!
Telling mom and dad they are going to be grandparents!
R.I.P Loudmouth Louise Laue (February 26, 2015)
23 Weeks
24 Weeks
We bought our first home!
Our 1st home.
Steve's senior athletic banquet   
Steve graduated from BYU. He's a statistics major!
Visiting Jayne with grandma and grandpa after graduation. Jayne is so proud of you Steve!
Brigham's court of honor. Now he is a Eagle Scout!
One of Steve's last steeplechase races...NOT the race where he swallowed the bee!

31 Weeks
Doing a graph lesson with my 3rd graders. They got to make a graph guessing whether I am having a boy or a girl!  I made them wait until May to find out what I was having. I had known since February that I was having a girl but I didn't tell my kids I was even pregnant until March. I started hearing them whispering about how I was getting "bigger" and some brave kids starting asking me if I was was pregnant. My response to them was, "why do you think I'm pregnant?"

One day, in March, as we were getting ready to go home. All my kids were in line. It was one of my favorite days when I asked them about a "rumor" that I had been hearing. I was totally serious when I asked them. I asked them if they had heard that I was pregnant. They all said yes!! I then asked why they thought I was pregnant. At this point I started calling on students who where raising their hands. I wish I would have recorded it because I was dying with some of there comments. One said, "because your getting fatter in your belly. It just keeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter." Two boys said, "well  me and him have been looking at your belly everyday and it is just getting bigger and bigger"... The one  student caught on that maybe that was weird that they had been looking at my stomach everyday and said, "I haven't been looking." I had one girl tell me, "You are married so you have to be pregnant." I had many more hilarious questions. 
Almost all the girls choose that I was having a girl and all the boys choose that I was having a boy. Out of my 32 kids I only had 9 boys!
Happy Birthday Jayne!
I love this new tradition that Jazmyn introduced to us. We send balloons with messages and kisses to our loved ones!
Brigham graduated!!!
We moved from the mansion that we had been living in the last year and a half.
Emily, Little Lucy, Lorena, Liz, Me (Little Averi) , and Kate
Best 3rd grade team EVER!! I sure do miss these girls!!! They make me miss Provo!

Just three brothers and the Salt Lake City temple.
35 Weeks
Outdoor track nationals. Steve took 10th place! He is the 10th best steeplechaser in the nation. 
Baby shower in Colorado.
Steve's first day of work at Towers Watson!!
40 Weeks
Averi was born!!
Monday, July 27, 2015
8 lbs 9 oz
21 inches long
4:15 p.m
Averi and Daddy's first picture!
Meeting grandma for the first time!

Meeting grandpa for the first time!
Meeting uncle Derek for the first time!
We were at Averi's two week doctor appointment when this funnel came out of the sky! Who knew Colorado had tornados?!?
Steve's whole family meeting Averi for the first time and seeing our new house.
Heather, Hyrum, Kate, Ellie, Heidi, Greg, Caleb, Brigham, Andy, and Steve

(Not pictured because they came earlier are David, Jazmyn, Scott)
Brigham snuggling with Averi.
Andy and Heidi snuggling with Averi.
Averi's 1st month photo shoot!
My 26 birthday. Steve took off work and had a fun day planned... not in bed. hahaha
The many faces of Averi Jayne.
Averi's 2nd month photo shoot!
Meeting Aunt Pat for the first time!
Our very first professional photographer!

Playing with daddy.

Averi's 3 month photo shoot!
Babies in pumpkins!
Averi's first Halloween! Just some ghosts and a grim reaper!
The cutest little ghost I ever did see.
Averi's 4th month photo shoot!
Thanksgiving traditions ~ 2015
Bowling winners and losers.
Great grandpa and Averi
Thanksgiving break!
 Bryan, Tiffany, Greyson, Averi, Steve
Averi's blessing day. Sunday, November 29, 2015
Averi meeting Santa Clause for the first time! She was a little tired...
Polar Express ward Christmas party.
Laue 2015 Family Photos! 
5 years of marriage! It's harder to take pictures with a little monkey trying to grab everything.
5 years of marriage!
Averi's 5 month photo shoot!

The Flints ~ XOXO

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