Friday, April 8, 2016

Blizzard of 2016

Back in March we had a major blizzard here in Colorado! Growing up in Colorado I know what a big snow storm is. I also know what Colorado weather is like. 

It snowed 17 inches in less than 12 hours!! 
That's a lot of snow.
 It wasn't just snow but the wind was so bad also. I have never seen a blizzard like I did that day. We have a townhouse across the street from us about 50 feet away. For more than half the day we couldn't see that home because the blizzard was so bad. It was crazy!
Averi sure loved standing at the window watching the white fluff come down. I wonder what that little girl was thinking. Just the day before we were outside playing in the green grass.

The snow drifts were so high in front of both of our doors that Steve couldn't get in. He had to dig out a path with his hands big enough for him to slip through the door. Averi couldn't wait for daddy to come home. We decided to go out and play in the snow with Averi for the first time.

 She had fun in the deep snow and loved playing with daddy. She loves being outside. Even when it is super cold. 

The Flints ~ XOXO

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