Monday, November 16, 2015

The Day We Lost a BeLOVED Mother and Grandmother

November 16, 2011 is a day we will never forget.

Four years too long!

It doesn't matter if it has been four years, five years, ten years... we won't get over losing you! You were a great wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother.

We chose Averi's middle name after you! Averi Jayne Flint! Oh how I wish our little girl could grow up knowing you!

Losing your mother (mother-in-law) isn't something that you just get over. Each year you are gone it almost makes it harder. Harder in the sense that we can't believe it has really been that long. 

I remember her soft spoken, caring ways. She was such a hard working woman who put her children's needs before her own. She loved her children more than anything else. I loved seeing the way the she looked at all of her children from Greg all the way down to Brigham. She had a special way of making all eight of her children feel like they were the "favorite child!" She supported and loved her children in all of their decisions whether she agreed with them or not. She is a great example of what a parent should be. 

Thank you Jayne Sorenson Flint for raising your children the way you did! You raised them to be respectful, kind, and loving. You raised them to be independent, strong, and hardworking. 

Thank you for raising Steve to be the wonderful man he is! I owe it all to you!!

Below are pictures of Jayne and the ones she loved most! Jayne and her family throughout the years. 
(If the picture is not tagged it's because I'm not sure which child it is.)





Greg, Heidi, David, and Steve int he belly

One of the only baby pictures of Steve that we have...
Steve & Greg
Steve, David, ?

Scott, Steve, David, Brigham, Kate, Caleb

Brigham, Scott, Steve, Caleb, Greg

Greg, Caleb, Steve, Brigham, Kate

Heidi, Steve, Scott, Kate, Caleb, David, Greg, Jayne, and Brigham

Jayne, Scott, Heidi, Steve, Greg, Caleb, Kate, Brigham (Alicia and Michael Campbell)
(Steve's highschool graduation)

David and Jayne

Grandma Susan, Jayne, David

Caleb, Steve, Scott, Kate, Brigham, Heidi, David, (Heidi Cusick) Jayne
(Greg and Cassie's Wedding)?

Steve and Jayne
(Steve going into the MTC)

Steve, Greg, and Jayne
(Steve going into the MTC)

Heidi and Jayne
(Heidi taking out her endowments)

Scott and Jayne

Jayne, Kate, Jayden, and Jordan

Scott and Jayne
(Scott's Eagle Scout Award)

Jayne, Kate, Heidi, Jordan, Greg, Caleb, Brigham, Cassie, Jayden
(Caleb's Homecoming from his mission in Japan)

Greg and Jayne
(Greg and Cassie's Wedding)

Steve and Jayne
(Our Wedding)

Steve and Jayne
(Our Wedding)

Jayne and Steve(Our Wedding)

Jessica, Steve, and Jayne(Our Wedding)

David, Jayne, Heidi, Steve(Our Wedding)

Jayne and Jayden
(This photo was take the Sunday, three days before she died)

Jayne and Jorden
(This photo was take the Sunday, three days before she died)

Steve, Jayne, and Scott
(Moab bridge ~ 2010)

David, Heidi, Kate, Steve, Greg, Scott, Jayne
(Payson Big House)

Jayne and Jayden

The Flints ~ XOXO

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