Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Flint Fixer Upper (Part 1)

Once we knew we were moving to Colorado we decided we wanted to buy a house instead of renting an apartment. First, because it was way cheaper to buy and second, we kind of wanted our own little place. We made several trips to Colorado to look at houses with our realtor and everything kept falling through. We were making several bids a day on places and kept getting out bid or people were paying in cash, both of which we couldn't compete with. This went on for months and months. The market in the Colorado area is crazy! 

Our realtor (Donna) called one day and said that she had a town house for us. She explained that she was selling the property and the aunt who was in charge of everything wanted it gone fast! They needed the money for the owner who was going into hospice. 

Donna explained to the owner of the house that she had a couple that would be interested, and as long as she was okay with it and if we were interested in it, she wouldn't even put it on the market. 

This was what we needed so we wouldn't have to compete in a bidding war. We needed a place that would slide under the radar and would never go onto the market. 

Donna told us it was EXACTLY what we wanted, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, and a garage...but to keep a VERY OPEN MIND when she was walking us through via FaceTime. We were still in Utah at the time and couldn't get out right away.

She explained that the owner had lived here for 15+ years and was a heavy, HEAVY smoker. Before she walked us through, she mentioned several times not to look at the messiness and filth of the home, but to look at the potential that the place had and to look at the layout.

Donna explained because they wanted to sell it fast and it smelt so bad (because of the years of smoking) it was going to be sold for thousands under what it could be sold for. She suggested we go with the price they were offering and we would be under contract immediately. 

We couldn't really see the place very well through FaceTime because there was so much junk all over the house. We decided to go with the price they were selling it for because it was so cheap for exactly what we wanted. We figured when we went to look at it in person if we hated it or there were major problems with the inspection then we could always pull out.

We were under contract for a town house in Colorado! We were excited and nervous! 

* * *

Several weeks later we flew out to look at the place in person. We had an inspector lined up and several contractors ready to give us bids. This is what the house looked like the first time we came to look at it.

Front of the House

You can see how dirty the steps are in this picture. That is how dirty the entire house was. you can also see in this picture the nicotine stained walls! There must have been a picture on the right protecting that section from the smoke. Keep in mind, all of the walls are suppose to be white!!! White like the babies room you will see later. 

Living Room
The window shades were disgusting. I wish I would have gotten a better picture. You can kind see how orange it is in the picture. One of the worst spots in the house.
Living Room Ceiling
This is pretty much what the entire house looked like. Walls, ceilings, and floors. 

Living Room Ceiling
Living Room

Living Room
In the top left of this picture you can see spider webs hanging down. They are covered in smoke and nicotine. 

Part of the Living Room Nook

That is tar and nicotine all over the floor.
Downstairs Hallway
Between living room and kitchen.


Dining Room

Upstairs Hallway 

Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom
That is tar all over the floor. You can also slightly see the grout is all stained that orange color as well.

Upstairs Bathroom
Tar and nicotine everywhere!

Laundry Room
Yes that is also tar on the ground. I was almost like there was tar and nicotine hairballs everywhere. 

Downstairs Bathroom
One of the worst rooms in the house. Tar/nicotine was literally running down the walls. She must have smoked while she was taking showers and using the pot!

Downstairs Bathroom
In this picture you can see the tar/nicotine running down the walls.

Downstairs Bathroom

Master bedroom
Another room in the house that was pretty bad.

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Baby Room
This room was the cleanest. Hardly any tar/nicotine anywhere.

Baby Room
You can actually see what color the walls in the whole house are suppose to look like.  White!!!!

* * *

The smell of old cigarettes in the house was just as bad if not worse then the filth, tar, and nicotine all over the house!! What to do, what to do?! Now we were just waiting to see how the inspection came back before we made any final decisions . 

The Flints ~ XOXO

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