Friday, September 23, 2016

:.Family Photos 2016.:

We tried to take our 2016 family photos this year all the way back in May while were in Utah for a week. But little miss Averi was not having it. She didn't feel good and cried almost the whole time. She wanted nothing to do with pictures. I was so bummed because Becky over at Lemontine Photography is one of the best photographers I know. I would love to be even half as good as her someday. 
I decided that I would just have to take our own family photos this year. With a little help from my brother Derek, we got the job done. I got the camera and all the settings ready. All Derek had to do was point and shoot...with me adjusting the aperture every so often.

Again Averi was not interested in taking pictures! She wanted to go explore the new area we were in. We were racing against the clock because a huge storm was brewing and heading our way. Even with Averi being crazy I LOVED THE WAY THEY TURNED OUT!! Some of them are a little darker than I would like, but considering how fast the storm was coming in and the natural lighting was changing they turned out great. I LOVE them!!

If anybody wants *free* family photos, couple photos, senior photos etc. I would LOVE to practice on your family. Email me at {}
I don't edit yet cause I am just playing around with natural lighting at this point. 

The Flints ~ XOXO

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