Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carrots Puree Baby Food

The first food that we made for Averi was carrots. I used canned carrots because that was all I had the day I decided to start. You can use fresh carrots too. 

1. Open up your cans and dump into a pan to cook. You don't have to cook canned carrots. I did just so that they would be even softer for when I put them in the blender. If you are using fresh carrots you will wash the carrots and then cut them into rounds. You will want to cook fresh carrots. The longer the better because they will become softer and easier to blend. 
2. Next dump the cut carrots into the boiling water. 
3. After you have cooked your carrots make sure they are soft enough to blend. If a fork can go through them easily they are good to go. If not cook them a little bit longer. 

4. Put the carrots into a strainer and rinse. It is really important that you don't use the water that you cooked the carrots in to make the puree thinner. For more information on nitrates and why not to use the carrot water click here.

5.  Once the carrots are rinsed dump the carrots into your blender to puree. If you need to make the carrots a thinner texture you can use breast milk, formula (if you aren't planning on freezing any of it) or fresh water. Not the water you cooked them in. 

6. Once it is pureed to the texture that you want it, put it into ice cube trays to freeze. It takes most of the day to freeze the food. I was shocked that it took that long. 

** Carrots are a favorite in our house. **

The Flints ~ XOXO

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