Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Shenanigans ~ 2015

For Thanksgiving this year we went back home to Southwest Colorado. Steve was able to get a week off for Thanksgiving this year. We spent all week at grandma and grandpas house. This trip was miss Averi's first vacation. She did so good on the drive down and back. She slept most of the way. She was ready to get out and wiggle when we got to grandmas and grandpas. 

Meeting her BIG brother, Badboy the cat, for the first time! Badboy liked her more then she liked him.

Averi met a bunch of new people! She met the cuties that I use to babysit when they were her age. She loves little Johnny, Elizabeth, and Wendy. She also met their grandparents. 

Averi met great grandma and great grandpa (Steve's grandparents) on this trip. She also met her 1st cousin once removed and Tiffany and Bryan. Grayson and Averi were born 1 day apart! Great grandma and grandpa had a grandson and a great granddaughter born one day apart.

Left: 8 months pregnant!
Right: 4 months out! Averi is the great granddaughter and Grayson in the grandson.
This was last year 2014. The overall winner was Steve. The top six and the bottom six!

She met Cassie, Jayden, and Jordan (she already met Greg when he came out with the rest of Steve's siblings to meet her). She loved all of the faces that Jayden would do to her. 

Averi loved all of the attention that she got especially from grandma, grandpa, and Aunt Pat. Grandma couldn't get enough cuddles.

Silly daddy!

Silly daddy!

Some of our Family traditions for Thanksgiving are going to  grandma Susan and grandpa Bills (Steve's grandparents) house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Another tradition is going bowling with the family. We document the winners and the losers each year. The overall winner has bragging rights until the next Thanksgiving. And our last tradition is to go shooting. We take all of the pumpkins that my dad grew in his garden and set them up for target practice. 

This year 2015! We had a little bit different crew but once again the Laue/Flints came out on top!! ;) Greg you're just barely making the "top" cut each year! ;)
Pumpkin Killing!
Peace out B-Town. Until next year!

XOXO ~ The Flints

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