Friday, October 16, 2015

The Flints

How We Met!
Steve and his flirting!
State 2005
Steve and I met on the high school cross-country team. He was the tall, flirty, curly red-headed, track star that all the girls wanted to date. And I was just the quiet girl who went with the flow of things. I for some reason don't really remember Steve until my sophomore year, his senior year. He doesn't understand how this is possible, but I don't really remember him. My first memory of him was the state cross-country meet that year...before that, nothing. After that state meet I remember him. We were good friends and he was dating everyone on the cross-country team at one point or another. He literally dated the whole team. We started dating my senior year of high school. 
State 2005

Steve left on his LDS mission, April 2008 where he served in Russia for 24 months. He loved every moment of of his mission and had lots of exciting stories to tell when he returned home.

I always teased Steve that I would know when he was going to propose because he would get weird about serious things like that. 
The next morning after we got engaged!
There was a group of us that were going camping before we headed back to college. All of us had our campsites set up and were ready for the night. All of use were just talking around the camp fire and Steve asked if I wanted to go out to the island on the middle of the lake. I said, "yes, but not right now because it would be rude to just leave all of our friends we were camping with." He kept asking and wanting to go. He assured me that nobody would care if we left and rowed out to the island for 15 minutes. He kept asking and asking. So finally we headed out to the island to watch stars for a couple of minutes. 
Steve pulled blankets and a picnic basket out of the boat and set up a little area for us to watch shooting stars. In the picnic basket he had snacks, chocolates, and drinks in it. (By this point I should have figured that something was going on because he never was this romantic. But I had NO idea.) We started watching stars, but I was really tired and started falling asleep. He kept waking me up saying, "Did you see that shooting star?" He saw four shooting stars and so badly wanted me to see one. Little did I know, it was part of his proposal plan and I needed to see one. I guess I was being difficult by cuddling and wanting to fall asleep. 
Since I wasn't cooperating with his first plan he decided to go onto the next step of his plan. 
SIDE NOTE: When he came back from Russia he had this weird habit of carrying a handkerchief, or what I call a "snot rag" in his pockets. I hated putting my hands in his pockets with it in there. He was doing a lot better about not carrying it as much. The next step of his plan was to put the song that he wrote me while he was in Russia.  We started dancing to it under the stars. I put my hands in his pockets and he had that dang "snot rag" in his pockets.  At this point, he started to get weird and I knew something was up! He tried to pull away and I wouldn't let him. He tried to reach in his pockets, and I wouldn't let him. He finally pulled away and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
Of course I said yes!
By this point it had been over and hour since we left the campsite. Steve's friends, back on the shore, were texting and calling him wondering what was taking so long. It finally all came together as to why he wanted to go out to the island so badly, why he wanted to to stay awake and watch for shooting stars, and why he randomly had that darn "snot rag" in his pocket again. 
We got engaged in August 2010 and got married in the San Diego, California LDS Temple on December 8th, 2010.  
December 8, 2010

The Flints ~ XOXO

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